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ESG Risk Guard

ESG Risk Guard is built on and supported by a network of highly qualified and globally experienced consultants who have expertise across Audit, Compliance, Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Sustainability (ESG).

Brendan Walsh, Founder and Managing Partner

  • Master’s Degree in Sustainability (Harvard) and member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (Sustainability and Climate Risk Certification, 2020)
  • Has a passion for sustainable development, strengthened while in a critical non-executive role with the UK energy regulator (OFGEM, 2013 – 2018) focused on the UK government’s energy emissions reduction programs.
  • Developed a sustainability plan (focusing on energy, water and waste reduction) for the largest public health system in the USA and also developed an evaluation of ESG risk management and reporting in the financial services sector, benchmarking global financial services providers and industry best practice.
  • Served as Executive Vice President & General Manager at American Express in the USA from 2015 through 2019. Having held several roles of increasing responsibility throughout the world (London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, and New York), he has a deep understanding of global business.
  • Held various chairman and director roles in London and in New York. In addition to his non-executive work with OFGEM, Brendan was a member of the European Retail Payments Board (ERPB), a subsidiary of the European Central Bank (2013 – 2015). More recently, served on the boards of two New York based non-profits.
  • Honors graduate of the University of Glasgow, he also holds a postgraduate in Accounting & Finance from the Certified Accountants in the UK.

The importance of ESG to your organisation

When considering the risks your organisation needs to identify and manage, which is more important?

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